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ajp motorcycles in denver coplorado, colorado ajp, ajp motorcycles in colorado and woods ridingEric Watson Welcomes you to The Bike Shop, located at 5650 north Washington St. Unit B2 Denver, CO. 80216,call us at 303-968-5628.  Eric has been a life long rider and racer who found AJP motorcycles recently and fell in love with their appeal.
Opening The Bike Shop has been a dream of Eric’s for a very long time. Once Eric saw the AJP brand he immediately appreciated the bikes because they are slightly different, and superior in many ways than everything else in the market. With the lower set height and under seat fuel tank, the models have a low center of gravity which helps beginner riders feel right at home from the start.

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tm racing motorcycles celebrates 40 years in 2017. check out our tm racing pages for more details on the new 85, 125, 144, 250 and 300 EN 2 strokes for 2017tm racing motorcycles availbe at the Bike shop in denver colorado call or stop by todayTM Racing makes great bikes, but they are definitely not for everybody. There are, however, a couple of groups who TM Racing really fills a need for.  Looking for a powerful off road enduro? Check out the TM Racing EN 300 or for motorcross try the TM Racing 250 MX.

Two Stroke lovers looking for a frequently updated modern two stroke dirt bike. Two stroke motocross models they offer are available in many different sizes – 85cc, 100cc,125cc, 144cc, 250cc & 300cc. They offer Enduro models 125cc through 300cc. If you’re looking to buy a  brand new 300cc motocross bike from a factory, the TM MX 300 is your only option.

Tm racing motorcycles is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2017 as a leader in hand crafted and hand assembled racing motorcyclesTM’s are exotic bikes. If you own one, it is likely you don’t frequently see others at the track. They are beautiful bikes with many machined billet parts and all kinds of aftermarket goodies from the factory. With all of the trick parts and their distinctive color, the nonconformist will definitely stick out at the local track and get the attention he (or she) desires.





Eric Watson, owner of The Bike Shop in Denver Colorado image3has been around Enduro & Hare scrambles racing sense he was a child. Growing up in Michigan and going to bike races with his dad most weekends throughout the summer. Jack pine, Black Water and a list of others in Pennsylvania, Ohio & West Virginia region.2017 PR3 Enduro 240 – MSRP $4799

2017 PR4 Enduro 240 – MSRP $4995

NEW MODEL! – 2017 PR4 Extreme 240 – MSRP $5995

2017 PR5 Enduro 250 – MSRP $6199

NEW MODEL! – 2017 PR5 Extreme 250 – MSRP $7299


The AJP PR5R 250 Enduro – A brand new model for 2015, We have taken our value packed baseline PR5 model and added a few choice Factory goodies to create this lighter and more powerful enduro weapon! First we sub-out the stock exhaust for a DOMA Titanium system – adding 3 horsepower and shedding 1lb of weight. Then we throw on a set of AJP Factory billet Aluminum foot-pegs and a lightweight Lithium battery to shave a few more precious pounds. Add it all up and you have a very nimble bike weighing 5lbs less with now a total of 30hp on tap to allow you to take full control of the trails! If it’s possible to hurt a motorcycle’s feelings, we probably did it to the AJP PR5. We’re sorry. We won’t do it again. If you don’t know what an AJP PR5 is, don’t worry. Apparently, we didn’t either. AJP is a company out of Portugal that specializes in making inexpensive trail bikes. The parts are sourced from all over the world, but the key to the low price is the Asian-made motors. There are a number of different models, including the PR4 we tested last month, but the PR5 is more of a performance-oriented 249cc off-road bike that sells for under $6000. The apology is necessary, because we thought we understood the bike before we actually rode it. We assumed that it was roughly equivalent to a Honda XR250L, and so we found an older XR and took them both riding. Mistake. The AJP is like a 2016 Mini Cooper, and we were comparing it with a 1959 Volkswagen Beetle. AJP was founded circa 1987 in Portugal by Antonio J Pinto – a 7x Portuguese National Enduro Champion. The first model AJP created back then was the Arianna 125 using a 2-stroke engine. Then from 1991 to 2000, AJP using bikes of their own creation participated in their native National Enduro series – winning the championship 5x in a row – 1996 thru 2000. During those years they also raced in their native National Off-Road series winning that title 3x – in 1996, 1997, and 2000. It was during those years of racing and winning many titles that technical solutions and core values of AJP were clearly defined – setting the foundation for a bright future.

Eric Watson The Bike Shop LLC. ajpcolorado.com 303-968-5628

Additionally, the electric start, Sach fork & shock, Fuel injection, thermostatically controlled radiator fan, two piece Hybrid-frame, low price point and the attention to detail really makes this brand special and very appealing to many new and experienced riders alike.

Eric knew this was a bike that people would love! So he was extremely excited to open “The Bike Shop LLC.” and very excited to bring this great bike to the Denver market!

Ask about our new PR 3, PR 4 and PR 5 fuel injected and water cooled! AJP also offers fully adjustable Mrozocchi forks and Sachs shock. Perfect for a multitude of riding environments!

The AJP PR4 240 Enduro Pro – The ultimate do-it-all off-road bike. This motorcycle has it all: a class-leading low seat height, fully adjustable Marzocchi forks and Sachs shock, bullet-proof 240 size engine with factory oil cooler, electric and kick start, hybrid Aluminum/Steel frame, 520 o-ring chain, full enduro lighting, and extended coverage skid-plate. All these high-end components are mounted to a chassis graced with the shortest wheelbase by far of any full-size enduro bike. To round-out the packaging – we’ve made the fuel cell translucent to better see the actual fuel level, then moved that cell from its traditional location up high and forward to a lower, more mass centralizing place directly under the rider’s seat. This move has also enabled us to create a riding compartment with the most narrow seat/tank/shroud junction this side of a Trials bike! Nimble, Narrow, and Low – that’s the easiest way to get thru the toughest trails. The AJP PR4 – 2easy2ride! Get yours now! JP was founded circa 1987 in Portugal by Antonio J Pinto – a 7x Portuguese National Enduro Champion. The first model AJP created back then was the Arianna 125 using a 2-stroke engine. Then from 1991 to 2000, AJP using bikes of their own creation


See the latest news on our PR7 Adventure Bike HERE



New for 2017 – Optional 1 inch lower seat heights on both the PR3 and PR4!!!
Each PR3 and PR4 now come with a free rear suspension factory lowering link – which will lower the seat height of either model by 1 full inch!  Using this link gets our PR3 down to a 33.5 inch seat height.  On the PR4, using the optional link results in a 35.5 inch seat height!


IMG_0504AJP motorcycles might be relatively new to the US market and consumer – but they are NOT a new brand by any means.  AJP has been designing & hand building motorcycles non-stop for the past 28 years at their factory in Portugal.  Every AJP motorcycle frame and the proprietary chassis components are all custom made from raw materials in-house.  This assures maximum quality control and the ultimate freedom to create exactly the bike needed for each consumer.




AJP is passionate about motorcycles and stands firmly on its 4 CORE values
EaseEase of use (2easy2ride!), Ease of purchase (low pricing!), Easy to maintain.
Innovation Applying Innovative technical solutions to every model.
Experience – Manufacturing Enduro motorcycles continuously for 28 years!
Quality – Designed & Hand Crafted in Europe

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